No answer on the vegas strip, 5 lbs of craw daddy’s and 1lb of shrimp also some shrimp fried rice oh yea my girlfriend is happy today

No answer on the vegas strip, 5 lbs of craw daddy’s and 1lb of shrimp also some shrimp fried rice oh yea my girlfriend is happy today


Congratulations!!! Your girlfriend does look happy. She’s sitting there ready to eat.


😂😂😂😂 she already in a food coma


Ha. I would be too after all that good eaten.


The hard part is getting back up to keep ubering because I’ve made shit money today


I'm not sure if you were referring to the dog or his hand, but either way, kudos.


Does she have a single sister?


😂😂😂😂😂 IM DEAD!!! 💀💀💀💀


Your dog looks like a demon. Actually scary looking af


Lmao he a good boy tho when u got food


One of those buff kangaroos that looking for a fight


Straight up! Until you zoom in and see his nose. If you don't it just looks like a skull/demon looking thing. Actually freaked me out.


Your dog is killing me 😂😂😭


He always sits at the table and hopes for something 😂


He has the ears of a mogwai!






I’m scared of your dog


Plot twist I don’t own a dog he’s been gone for 3 years


Those ears in this shot makes him look super creepy lol


Wait I don’t own a dog


Your dog is ready for his part of your gift from the Uber gods


😂😂 he is like is that some shrimp 🍤


Your dog is waiting for her bib 😂


Tobie is sitting there like tonight me and my human feast


I just had a customer not answer me after waiting 20 mins. She answer likes 10 mins after I left. I made post on this thread PS: she was a BITCH!


No lie about 5 mins ago I got a notification i got a 15 dollar tip on this order lmfao 🤣


Damn they definitely fell asleep


Or were to drunk to remember


I got lucky. Forgot to leave a customer's drink. Tipped me and didn't rate me down, go figure. Ice had melted so I figured what the heck and drank it.


What did she say after?


The real question is how much was this order!?


That’s what I was thinking too! On top of the 12 to deliver I got a 15 dollar tip to keep the food lmfao


Urban Crawfish Station on Spring Mountain & Decatur?


That’s it!


I was going to guess hot and juicy


Yoda looks happy too.


(Yoga voice) Give me a crawfish u will human


Her: "what's with all of this food?" Him: "thinking of you, bb 😘" I'll be honest, at least you guys can enjoy the food you couldn't deliver. I hadn't had such luck


Mud bugs!


They were delicious


your dog 😭😭😭😭😭😭 why are his ears like that? i’m sure he’s a good boo tho


When you got him to be a guard dog but really he is a guard demon


bless him


Not lucky enough like that here... Ain't no one missed their deliverys. Lol. Totally jealous though


Y’all are taking this free food thing too far


What am I supposed to do drive 45 minutes back across town to drop it back off Or leave my car unattended get it towed because this person was too dumb enough not to come down and meet me outside of a casino


I read more into detail, my bad. I would’ve did the same but that’s a gigantic order in any other scenario I would’ve felt guilty leaving with it


I honestly didn’t realize what it was until I came home and looked inside the bag, all I knew was that there was shrimp fried rice because they forgot to make it and I had to wait 10 min at the place . I never look at their orders so when I got home n opened the bag to see 5 lbs of crawfish I was like 😱😳😳 someone was to drunk and fell asleep and they still tipped me 15 bucks and today I got a notification that the grip was adjusted for a extra 10 bucks


You coulda just deliver to someone there, and let the customer know who you left it with. Besides, Uber tells you to leave the food in a safe place and let the customer know when the minutes run out, so why take it with you? Some of y’all drivers be just looking for any reason to take people’s food home.


Well 1 it’s the strip casino aria, 2 Uber drivers are not allowed to park we can only wait in a designated area and it’s nowhere near the casino enterance and if I did leave it some random person is going to take it, why let a stranger take it when the driver that drove across town and waited 15 mins not 8 just because I’m nice was there to take it plus I called like 15 times plus if I just left this on the floor that’s technically considered littering and Nevada doesn’t play that’s a 1000 dollar fine I’m good on all that


Delivering on the strips sounds terrible. How do you park your car at the hotel/resort and how do you get the food up to the room? I know it's usually valet/self-park and a lot of hotels require a room key for you to get up to the floors.


Yea for the most part o absolutely turn down any strip offer but when I have to go, casinos have a ride share location u just drive there tell the customer to meet u there casinos will literally not let u park if u have a Uber sticker and if u do park u might have to pay for parking all I do is call the person let them know hey there the security won’t let me park the had me pull into the ride share section can you please meet me there and then half the time they come half the time I sit there n wait for no reason


I usually have people meet me at the valet area in the exceedingly rare instance that I take a run to the strip, which is conservatively once every 200 deliveries.


Yea there or rideshare areas but when they don’t answer ur calls or texts it’s hardly


I have only gone to the strip by accident. Normally the customer has to come down to the valet and hope they get there before they chase you away.


Dude your dog looks like baby yoda with a human face


I had no idea I’d be adopting a Jedi when I first get him. Those horn ears I’d say he’s a sith lord


I never deliver to the strip. Too much hassle, too much damn traffic.


It's pouring out on Saint Rose


What about your dog?


That’s gonna feed the two of you for a couple days at least 🤣


Let me guess Crab Island off of Lake Mead?


I had one today where the delivery address is on the other side of the Bruce Woodbury Beltway. I drop of the food at the address and the customer calls me up and tells me that she is actually in Henderson! I politely tell her to go pound sand and to contact support. It is a gated community so I was not going back in to get the food.


Oh no way lmao today I had a order where I picked up and as soon as I got the food they called and said actually we are not at that address anymore we are at the cosmo. I picked up from chicken shack on midori on green valley parkway and 215 and the address they put in was right down the road on wigwam. Said like 1.9 miles I looked up cosmo it was over 14 miles lmao I called support so quick


Oh hell no, they did not pay you to go the strip. This one did message me that they were in a food truck. No address just in a food truck in the parking lot.


Well, at least the craw daddy's will satisfy her tonight 😆